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Our company was established in 2004.

Most of our customers are major companies in Russia in machine building and aircraft industries.

Quality of tools for our customers is a determinant factor. To ensure the quality of supplies we have our own well equipped lab. For example, we check quality of thread gauges coming to our address by MasterScanner XP.

We are looking for producers of tools who can make the high-quality products as per GOST (Russian standards) and within short delivery term. Also we are very interested in your ability to produce non-standard tools as per drawings and technical requirements of the end customers.


We are interested in the following products:

  • Measuring tools
    • Gauges
      • Thread gauges
        • Metric Thread Gauges as per GOST or customer drawings
        • Trapezoidal Thread Gauges as per customer drawings
        • UNJ Thread Gauges
        • BSPT Thread Gauges
        • Metric Buttress (Saw Tooth) Thread Gauges
      • Plain Gauge as per GOST or customer drawings
      • Spline Gauges as per customer drawings
      • Snap Gauges as per GOST or customer drawings
      • Measuring Pins as per GOST or customer drawings
    • Setting Rings as per GOST or customer drawings
  • Cutting tools
    • Broaches as per  customer drawings (all kinds)
    • Reamers as per customer drawings
    • Countersinks as per customer drawings
    • Shaving cutters as per customer drawings
  • Rolling Dies
    • Flat thread dies as per customer drawings
    • Thread rolling dies as per customer drawings
    • Special profile dies as per customer drawings
  • Punches as per customer drawings


At present we are working with producers from Russia, Belarus, Serbia, India, Taiwan, Japan, Italy and the USA.

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